I was sitting on the bed, the others were standing around, all were making idle conversation. Then Paul said to Cara, “Well, should we show them how things got started last time?” With her nod they turned their attentions to me, gently pushing me back onto the bed. He was taking pictures (he is a photographer and we had previously agreed to let him take pictures of the entire experience) as he unzipped the little hoodie I was wearing. Then Cara moved in.

She started kissing me, and I responded in earnest. It seemed that what the two men were doing didn’t matter anymore, and anything they said fell on deaf ears. We were engrossed in each other for the moment, and how sweet it was. We let our hands roam across one another and I marveled at how soft she was. I said as much and Paul laughed and said, “That is what Cara said the first time too.” We continued our attentions, only slightly more aware of the guys as they swooped in from time to time to remove an article of clothing or arrange us here and there for a picture.We were soon bare.

The meeting of skin between two women is, in a word, breathtaking. I had tried to imagine what it would be like but there would have been no way for my mind to touch on the reality of it. She moved (or was moved I can’t remember) onto her back as we continued kissing. I found myself wanting to roam my lips downward, and did so. I kissed my way down her soft skin to her stomach, and then looked up at her to find her smiling at me and she whispered, “You can do it,” in encouragement.

Everything seemed like it was happening in slow motion. My head was between her thighs and I was struggling to remember everything I’d ever read about how to give a woman oral sex, as well as my husbands techniques, wanting to do a good job as inexperienced as I was. Then I was tasting her, and every thought went whoosh right out of my head. My brain must have been guiding my efforts however because as much as I was enjoying it, she seemed to enjoy it more, asking me if I was sure I had never done this before. After a while (and I can’t come close to giving an estimate of how long, I was a little lost in the moment) she stopped me and indicated it was my turn. No complaints from me! I lay back and closed my eyes, wanting to savor every instant of this experience and sear it into my memory. She began and I was astonished at the intensity, not usually having a great propensity for oral sex (I enjoy it of course, it is just never enough to get me off).

Paul was taking pictures and then moved to her head, guiding some of her movements. The sight of her between my legs and of her rear up in the air was enough for my husband, and he positioned himself behind her, tasting her where my tongue had been just moments before. He then fulfilled one of his many fantasies by coming to me and kissing me, letting me taste her on his lips. It was amazing to kiss him and taste her and at the same time feel her tongue and lips on me. What a wild experience so far, and we were just getting started…