I was sitting on the bed, the others were standing around, all were making idle conversation. Then Paul said to Cara, “Well, should we show them how things got started last time?” With her nod they turned their attentions to me, gently pushing me back onto the bed. He was taking pictures (he is a photographer and we had previously agreed to let him take pictures of the entire experience) as he unzipped the little hoodie I was wearing. Then Cara moved in.

She started kissing me, and I responded in earnest. It seemed that what the two men were doing didn’t matter anymore, and anything they said fell on deaf ears. We were engrossed in each other for the moment, and how sweet it was. We let our hands roam across one another and I marveled at how soft she was. I said as much and Paul laughed and said, “That is what Cara said the first time too.” We continued our attentions, only slightly more aware of the guys as they swooped in from time to time to remove an article of clothing or arrange us here and there for a picture.We were soon bare.

The meeting of skin between two women is, in a word, breathtaking. I had tried to imagine what it would be like but there would have been no way for my mind to touch on the reality of it. She moved (or was moved I can’t remember) onto her back as we continued kissing. I found myself wanting to roam my lips downward, and did so. I kissed my way down her soft skin to her stomach, and then looked up at her to find her smiling at me and she whispered, “You can do it,” in encouragement.

Everything seemed like it was happening in slow motion. My head was between her thighs and I was struggling to remember everything I’d ever read about how to give a woman oral sex, as well as my husbands techniques, wanting to do a good job as inexperienced as I was. Then I was tasting her, and every thought went whoosh right out of my head. My brain must have been guiding my efforts however because as much as I was enjoying it, she seemed to enjoy it more, asking me if I was sure I had never done this before. After a while (and I can’t come close to giving an estimate of how long, I was a little lost in the moment) she stopped me and indicated it was my turn. No complaints from me! I lay back and closed my eyes, wanting to savor every instant of this experience and sear it into my memory. She began and I was astonished at the intensity, not usually having a great propensity for oral sex (I enjoy it of course, it is just never enough to get me off).

Paul was taking pictures and then moved to her head, guiding some of her movements. The sight of her between my legs and of her rear up in the air was enough for my husband, and he positioned himself behind her, tasting her where my tongue had been just moments before. He then fulfilled one of his many fantasies by coming to me and kissing me, letting me taste her on his lips. It was amazing to kiss him and taste her and at the same time feel her tongue and lips on me. What a wild experience so far, and we were just getting started…


After our first meeting, things started going FAST for us.

Two nights later we met another couple through IM. They’d had their first experience playing the previous weekend and were very much still on a high from it. They were fun and easy to talk to, and we told them how anxious we were to get started, and a little about our experience with Mr. H and Mrs. R (though nothing revealing of course!). Their advice to us was simply to go for it, dive in and get that first time out of the way. They were, of course, most willing to help us do so!

After much deliberating on our part we decided to go ahead and meet them that night, with a plan of going out for some drinks and if all was well we would then go to a hotel. We drove to their house, restless and fidgety with nerves.

We met Paul at the door, and my first impression of him was good, he was friendly and seemed easy going. Cara was even better looking than her pictures had implied and was very nice*.

We chatted at their house for a bit, having a drink as we all got to know one another. We left soon for the bar though, wanting to talk more freely with no kids present. In the car(following them in theirs) my husband and I exchanged opinions of the two of them. The conclusion was that we found them both attractive and were excited at the prospect of ‘popping our cherry’ as it is often described.

At the bar we were able to relax the conversations a great deal and bring up more adult topics of conversation. They were easy to talk to, and so when the question came whether or not we’d like to go to that room and take things further, we happily said yes. We all wandered down the hallway (the bar was in the hotel) to find our room, stepped inside and closed the door.

Wow, they were real! Real people sitting there waiting for us to join them. The world slammed back into focus and there were introductions all around. Everyone’s smiles came easily and we settled in for an enjoyable evening out.

Conversation came rather easily, and the flirting was even easier. This was a very sexy couple and Mr. H was funny as hell. I felt nervous but comfortable as we got to know them. Accidental brushes under the table left me tingling and wanting more. It is hard to explain how it felt to be sitting next to my husband flirting with another man with his wife sitting right there next to him flirting with my husband. I kept thinking it should feel strange, but it didn’t. It felt completely normal, though breathtakingly exciting.

The night progressed quickly. Soon we looked at the clock and realized we had been with them for five hours. We were having a great time and didn’t want to leave, but realized we had babysitters back home waiting for us and it was really getting late. Somehow we kept finding excuses to stay just a little longer, one of which was me dancing with Ms. R (dancing in a way that I had seldom danced with a man let alone a woman). Now, I am admittedly bi-curious as stated on our profile, but I was not quite prepared for the experience of being attracted to a woman. It is much different than anything I’ve felt previously.

When we returned to the table we again said we had to go. Ms. R leaned in to ask me a question… “Would it be alright if I kissed you discreetly?” she asked.

I smiled and said yes of course. We both leaned across the table and, for the first time in my life, I kissed a woman.

Her lips were so soft. It was unbelievably different from kissing a man. We leaned back and smiled at one another. She turned to my husband and asked him the same question. He obviously wasn’t going to turn her down, and I watched as my husband leaned across and kissed another woman. It was as arousing as I had imagined it would be.

Mr. H was unfortunately preoccupied during these moments and missed all of it, which we all laughed about. She told him she had kissed us both and hinted that he should kiss me as well. He wanted to but unfortunately our moment of opportunity had passed, there were too many people he worked with surrounding us just then. Another time was promised, more so with the looks he and I exchanged than with words, and we eventually got our goodbyes in and left.

My husband and I grinned at each other the whole way home.

We started chatting with a couple that had written to us. It was fun and exciting considering this was our first time ever talking to someone. I was typing, my husband sitting next to me, and was very nervous and not completely sure what to say.

Unfortunately the male half of the couple was the one on the other end. I say unfortunately because getting him to say anything was like PULLING TEETH. I would ask insightful questions that would provide him plenty of opportunity to share some things about themselves and he would give a one word answer… it was, to put it lightly, frustrating.  All I could think about was the awkward silences we would have to endure if we met them. We gave them the benefit of the doubt (maybe they were just not great with IM or nervous) and chatted with them a couple more times. No success. We decided they (or I should say HE, we never got to talk to her directly) were  just boring or not really that serious about this, or perhaps they were still in what I would come to know as the ‘thinking’ stage. No big deal, we wouldn’t stop talking to them, just stop working so hard to make conversation out of nothing.

The next “couple” to contact us was a man by himself, who said his wife was at work. From the start the conversation was strange. He was friendly (a little overbearing but nice) but started saying things that were just… off, and quickly progressed to grossly inappropriate. It seemed this was one of the weirdos I’d heard about. Enough wasted time with him.

Finally we found and started chatting with a couple that were talkative and funny, with both parties present, and they seemed to be normal. I’ll call them Mr. H and Ms. R*. Conversation flowed easily between us with just the right amount of flirting and soon we were exchanging pictures. Yes! They were very attractive and seemed to find us to be as well. After quite a while we all cut to the chase and decided to meet that Friday night at a bar in town.

The prospect of meeting someone for real was scary and exhilarating. We weren’t planning on doing anything sexual during this first meeting, just feeling each other out to see where things might go in the future, but I was a bit terrified. The butterflies in my stomach became giant sized as we drove to the bar that night to meet them. I couldn’t even eat dinner, I was too nervous.

The walk from the parking lot through the doors of the bar and past any number of people is a vague blur in my memory. All I remember is the deafening roar of my heart beating…

And then there they were.

Putting our profile up was exciting and nerve racking. We were one step closer to becoming swingers… we were actually doing this! I relied on my research and reading about this lifestyle to know some of the etiquette regarding contact with couples we were interested in.

It felt really strange to me to be looking at profiles, most filled with pictures of naked strangers, not only with my spouse’s knowledge but with his help and approval. The first couple of times I said to him that I thought the female half of a particular couple was hot felt a bit awkward, even more so when he pointed them out. Saying I thought a man was attractive was even more of an adjustment. I had been trained so long by society that these were things a woman just didn’t say to her husband that it felt bizarre to be doing it. Those feelings did not last long however and soon we were going through with no problems, and immensely enjoying it!

Our sex life exploded. The rush from even thinking about doing this was great; after taking the first steps it was ten times more incredible. We fucked every night, like teenagers just discovering each other.

I have heard/read much about couples that have profiles and might chat but never go through with anything. It seems they like the idea of swinging more than they want to actually do anything. Those couples, from what I’ve seen, are not generally well thought of, usually because they are not upfront about their intentions. For them it is about the fantasy of doing something so taboo, but never wanting to make it real. I understood at that point the lure of doing it that way, and getting to enjoy the effects together without having to share anything. My husband and I were enjoying those same effects from creating a profile and starting to find some contacts, but we wanted a great deal more than that.

My husband and I have been together for nine years and married for six. We are swingers, though very new to the lifestyle. Even so, since making the decision to do this our lives have changed dramatically. We are both still learning a great deal about ourselves and one another as we explore this new side of our lives.

The subject of swinging did not come up until recently, though we had discussed the possibility of a threesome several times throughout the years. I rejected that idea outright the first couple times it came up. I was too insecure, thinking that afterward he would prefer sex with her (which I’ve learned is a very typical fear for someone new to that situation). Slowly the threesome idea became more acceptable to me.  The time came that I thought it would be fun, but wanted limits- like no contact between the other woman and my husband. I still wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea but I was feeling more inclined to give it a try.

Our relationship continued to evolve and deepen with time. Our sexual relationship blossomed a bit and we were enjoying a kinkier side of one another. Then one day around six months ago, quite by accident, I became aware of the world of adult blogs. Wow! Here were all these people talking about sex in every shape and form, describing it vividly, and I’d had no idea. I dove into reading and learned a great deal. In the process I also discovered swinging. I’d heard of it before but had never understood what it was about. My opinion of it before was that it was immoral and bizarre. It was a shock to discover that it wasn’t! Reading others’ experiences, opinions, and thoughts (combined with some changes that were happening in my life at the time) dramatically opened my mind regarding sex and relationships. I started desiring the swinging lifestyle for my husband and myself but didn’t quite know how to approach the subject.

Fast forward to several weeks ago. We were again discussing threesomes. This time there was no hesitation on my part, I was very interested. I told him that things had changed in my mind and the thought of watching him fuck another woman was amazingly arousing. He told me that he had always wanted to see me with another woman, to then kiss me and taste her on my lips. It was a very hot and bothered kind of conversation and we were both excited with where this might take us. I saw an opportunity at that time to bring up swinging.

He was a bit hesitant at first but quickly warmed up to the idea. Over the next few days we talked about everything, what we thought it would be like, rules, expectations, doubts or insecurities we thought might come up. We arrived at the decision that it was something we wanted, so we created a profile together and jumped right on in.

About me

I am a young woman just beginning to explore the swinging lifestyle with my wonderful husband. This is a place for me to put down my thoughts and recount our adventures as we delve deeper into this new segment of our lives. This blog contains adult content and is therefore unsuitable for anyone offended by such things. If you don't like what I have to say, feel free to refrain from reading it. *All names have been changed for absolute discretion and privacy.

About me

I am a young woman just beginning to explore the swinging lifestyle with my wonderful husband. This is a place for me to put down my thoughts and recount our adventures as we delve deeper into this new segment of our lives. This blog contains adult content and is therefore unsuitable for those under 18 and people finding that sort of thing offensive. If you don't like what I have to say then by all means feel free not to read it.